Two Wheeler Models in India

Posted on: July 24, 2008

The two wheelers have played a pivotal role in the surging growth of the Indian automobile industry . Over the years the domestic sale of various brands of two wheelers have grown in large numbers. Even, in exports, the two wheelers have been able to maximize the profit margin of various two wheeler manufacturers . There are mainly three models of two wheelers namely, scooters, motorcycles and mopeds . In recent years, the two wheeler industry has witnessed a sea change.

During the yesteryears the scooters used to have about 50% of the market share and the rest were divided between the motorcycles and mopeds. But now the trend indicates that people are preferring motorcycles more than the scooters. At present there is a huge demand for the motorcycle models in India .

There are a number of two wheeler companies in India that produce vehicles of extremely high standard. Some of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India are Bajaj Auto,TVS Motor, Kinetic Motor, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Royal Enfield Motors India, Hero Honda Motors, Yamaha Motor India, LML India and Monto Motors . Many of two wheelers manufactured by these companies are exported to countries in South East Asia, Africa and South America.

Motorcycles are usually priced higher than that of the scooters and mopeds. They are even equipped with more features for faster travel. Based upon the engine displacements and power capacity motorcycles are further classified as: road bikes, trail bikes, racing bikes and touring bikes . Most of the motorcycles in India come with engine capacity of about 100 cc to 250 cc. The engine capacity of scooters usually vary between 100 cc to 150 cc. Mopeds have small engine capacity ranging between 50cc to 100 cc. Most of the automobile companies in this segment are always coming up with newer variants of different models of two wheelers. To be in the long run these companies are even adding more number of features to these vehicles. Bike models become popular when they are as good in appearance as in the performance. Two wheeler bike models in India also get popular when they are in good price range along with other attractive features.

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