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New to SMS? What is a text message?

SMS is the acronym for Short Message Service. SMS allows up to 160 characters of text to be sent or received by a digital mobile phone. Just type your message onto the keypad of your cellular phone. Think of it as mini-email.

Text messaging is a SMS (Short Message Service) that can be made from a mobile phone (cell phone) to another mobile phone or from and to web based services such as IQC [where you don’t need a phone to send an SMS]. SMS allows the sending and receiving of a maximum of 160 characters. You can also send non-text short messages such as ringtones, logos, cards, calendars, clipart and WAP. More than 20 billion text messages are sent per month.

SMS Short Cuts:
1dRfl – wonderful
2 – to/too/two
2dA – today
2moro – tomorrow
2nite – tonite
3dom – freedom
4 – for
4get – forget
4N – foreign
ADN – any day now
AFAIK – as far as I know
AFAIR – as far as I recall
ASAP – as soon as possible
ATM – at the moment
B – be
B4 – before
B4N – bye for now
BB – bye-bye
Bf -boyfriend
BG – big grin
BION – believe it or not
BK – big kiss
BTDT – been there, done that
BTW – by the way
By – busy
C – see/sea
CB – call back
CUL – see you later
CWYL – chat with you later
DUZ – does
DUZNT – doesn’t
F2F – free to talk?
G2G – got to go
Gf – girlfried
Gr8 – great
Grr – angry
H2 – how to
HUH – have you heard?
IC – I see
ICCL – I couldn’t care less
IK – I know
ILU (or ILY) – I love you
in4ml – informal
KISS – keep it simple, stupid
KUTGW – keep up the good work
@ “At”
MSG “Message”
W “With”
ATB “All the best”
NE “Any”
W/O “Without”
B “Be, Bee”
NETHNG “Anything”
WKND “Weekend”
BCNU “I’ll be seeing you”
NE1 “Anyone”
XLNT “Excellent”
BWD “Backward”
NO1 “No-one”
XOXOX “Hugs and kisses”
B4 “Before”
OIC “Oh, I see”
YR “Your”
C “See, Sea”
PCM “Please call me”
1 “One, Won”
CU “See you”
PLS “Please”
2 “Too, To, Two”
DOIN “Doing”
PPL “People”

๐Ÿ™‚ Original smiley
๐Ÿ™‚ Classic smiley
๐Ÿ˜‰ Wink
:-)) Very happy
|-) Hee-hee
๐Ÿ˜€ Laugh loud
๐Ÿ˜ฎ Amazement
:^D” Great! I like it!
:-* Kiss
โค I love you
:-s Confusion
{} No comment
:-C Totally unbelievable
:-X Big wet kiss
:-9 Licking lips
%-) Confused
*:* Fuzzy face
:-@ Screaming
:-7 Wry remark
:-p Sticking out tongue
๐Ÿ˜ฆ Frown
:> Develish grin
(:-|K- Dressed to kill
:-|| Angry
::=)) Seeing double
:-> Hey
|:-0 No explanation
#:-) Hair in a mess
>;-(‘ I am spitting mad
#-) Partied all night
๐Ÿ˜ Hmmm
:-& Tongue-tied

L8 – late
L8r – later
LMK – let me know
M8 – mate
MOF – matter of fact
MT – empty
MTE – my thoughts exactly
NAGI – not a good idea
Ne – any
Ne1 – anyone
No1 – no one
nrg – energy
OIC – Oh I see
OK – okay
ONNA – oh no, not again!
OTT- over the top
PCM – please call me
Pls – please
Ppl – people
PTL – praise the Lord
R – are
Re – regarding
RUOK – are you okay?
Spk – speak
Sry – sorry
SWAK – sealed with a kiss
THX – thanks
TTYL – talk to you later
TXT – text
U – you
U@ – you at? (where are you?)
UOK – you okay?
UR – your/you’re
Usu – usually
W8 – wait
W84M – wait for me
W/ – with
Wan2 – want to
wn – when
WMF – works for me
XLNT – excellent
Y – why
YM – you mean
YR – yeah, right
GONNA “Going to”
SUM1 “Someone”
3SUM “Threesome”
GR8 “Great”
STRA “Stray”
4 “For, Four”
H8 “Hate”
THNQ “Thank you”
๐Ÿ™‚ “I’m happy”
L8 “Late”
THX “Thanks”
๐Ÿ˜ฎ “I’m surprised”
L8R “Later”
U “You”
๐Ÿ˜ฆ “Sad face”
LUV “Love”
UR “You are ”
d:) “Baseball cap ”
MOB “Mobile”
WAN2 “Want to?”
;-/ “Confused”
2DAY “Today”
F2T “Free to talk”
RUOK “Are you okay?”
2MORO “Tomorrow”
FWD “Forward”
RGDS “Regards”

(:-… Heart-broken
%-) I’m tipsy but happy
#:-o Oh no!
:-# My lips are sealed
๐Ÿ˜Ž Sender wears glasses
:+( I’m hurt by that
:*)? Are you drunk?
<:-0 Eeek!
:-e I’m disappointed
(-: Sender is left-handed
<:-) Dumb question
~o~ Bird
:@ Ouch!
:-(*) Sick comment
(:-) Bald
:// Frustrated
:3-< Dog
d:-) Hats off to your great idea
:-$ Put your money where your mouth is
:-{) Sender has moustache
|-| Going to sleep
:@) Pig
\o/ Praise the Lord
*<:o) Clown
:-{)} Sender has moustache & beard
:=8) Baboon
8^ Chicken
~#:-( Bad hair day
:’-( I am crying
:*) I’ tipsy
๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh
O:-) Innocent
&:-) Sender has curly hair

What's been eating you lately?

What's been eating you lately?

“He is talented, very talented, but has no brains,” was Geoff Boycott’s on-air verdict after Virender Sehwag’s attempt to hook a ball from outside off stump found the fielder at deep square leg and triggered a first-innings collapse at the SSC.

Sehwag’s response to a question regarding his approach after his maverick innings – a 15th Test century at a strike-rate of 104.91 – was deadpan. “How can I stop the way I’ve played?” he said. “Yes, there is pressure if wickets fall and you think ‘What if I go for a shot and get out too?’ But if that happens you’re never going to score runs.”

After two batting collapses in the first Test it was imperative that India got a solid start. Sehwag provided that by using a simple mantra: if the ball is there to be hit, hit it. Circumstances rarely affect Sehwag and he put the pedal to the metal. A whip off the pads past midwicket got him started, a wild sweep that was unsuccessfully referred didn’t stall him, and when he charged Ajantha Mendis and swung him over cow corner for six, Sehwag was at full throttle.

The stand-out feature was the effortless manner in which Sehwag handled Mendis, who was virtually unplayable in Colombo. The key, in his own simple words, was that here Sehwag “picked him [Mendis] off the track, from where the ball pitched”, something only he and and Sachin Tendulkar have managed to do in this series.

When Mendis tossed the ball up on middle and off, Sehwag smothered the spin, and when the bowler drifted on to middle, he went back and turned it fine. If it spun in sharply, Sehwag adjusted his back leg and brought his bat down quickly to kill the ball. Sehwag also picked the two-fingered googly and moved back to cut or punch through the off-side. He failed to beat cover with the drive once but replayed the shot two balls later with more power and placed it to perfection. Mendis’ first four overs cost 29.

Sehwag accelerated and yet remained in control with Gautam Gambhir, fleet-footed against spin, in the passenger seat. There were cracks at one end of the pitch and Nuwan Kulasekera asked a few questions but Sehwag steered clear of them. He cut Muttiah Muralitharan’s first ball, a doosra from around the stumps, to reach his half-century off 50 balls. His strike rate, like a speedometer, fluctuated from 60 to 98 and beyond. India’s 100 came from 115 balls and Sehwag’s contribution was 59.

Like Sri Lanka did at the SSC, he and Gambhir ran hard, hustling for the second, and constantly looking for scoring opportunities. Sehwag and Aakash Chopra, another Delhi team-mate, did this effectively during the majority of their 19 partnerships, notably in Australia in 2003-04. Some of today’s singles were risky but the intent was obvious and it frustrated Sri Lanka.

In the over before lunch, Sehwag put his arm around Gambhir’s shoulder and had a word. Gambhir reached his fifty off the next ball and a beaming Sehwag rushed to congratulate him. When Sehwag dabbed a single behind point to raise the 150 partnership, he punched gloves with Gambhir as they crossed. How many batsmen can power a side to 150 for 0 at lunch? The camaraderie was plain to see.

After a four-hour rain delay, Mendis tested Gambhir with his variation but at the other end Sehwag disdainfully smashed Vaas over cow corner off his second ball after the resumption. Two balls later he played a booming straight drive to reach his century, which he celebrated with a proud wave of the bat to the dressing room and an embrace from his partner. His 15th hundred took only 87 balls with 15 fours and two sixes but the message was deeper.

At the MCG, in 2003-04, India were 311 for 3 but collapsed for 366 after Sehwag was dismissed for 195 at the end of the first day. In Adelaide earlier this year Sehwag scored 151 out of India’s 269 in the second innings. Today, Sehwag had driven India to a position of strength at 167 for 0 before four wickets fell in 20 balls for 11 runs. As he had done against England in Galle during the winter, Chaminda Vaas, rejuvenated after the rain delay, struck twice in an over. Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were dismissed with the score on 178 and the morning’s work had come undone.

“I didn’t notice any change in my batting after the four-hour break in play,” Sehwag said. “Every batsman has his own mindset with which he plays, but I just played my shots.” Even as stumps approached, Sehwag relied on his base instinct. Mendis went around the stumps and Sehwag used his feet to smash him down the ground and hit two consecutive fours through cover.

Sehwag had fulfilled his responsibility of providing a sound start but the collapse meant that he had to hold the innings together. His unshakeable approach did not change. “I am not satisfied because there’s plenty left in this game,” was Sehwag’s closing statement. “If I can convert this into a double-century or more tomorrow, get India above 400-500, apply pressure on Sri Lanka, then I will be satisfied.”

Crushed in Colombo, India arrived in Galle needing to find a way to bounce back. Only a vivid imagination could have conceived of a fightback without it being led by Sehwag. Like the white breakers of the Indian Ocean, lashing across the rocks in the background of the Galle International Stadium, Sehwag has injected life into a one-sided series.

He has brains alright, and he’s used them rather well.


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