Installing the modem software

Posted on: August 7, 2008

1. Installing the modem software.

  • Insert the Hawaii Driver CD -double click on the CD icon, if auto play is not working.
  • Select language of installation as English and press continue.
  • Rest of the installation process is pretty straight forward, just click Next in all screens.
  • Remove the CD from the drive and reboot the laptop.

2. Installing the configuration tool.

  • Insert “PST Tool to FWT – CD ” to the Cd drive
  • Double click the CD icon to see list of folders.
  • Copy And Paste the folder config_tool_EC321 to your laptop.
  • Eject CD from the drive.
  • Config.tool ->Press Enter
  • Host En 30 -> Press Enter (If error comes give OK)
  • Sysconfig interface
  • Serial port -> OK (Software and Hardware version and ESN will appear)
  • Service Maintenance – SPC-000000
  • Enter relevent data for Channel,PRL,SID,PRL,NID
  • MSIN-SDCA code + Telno
  • True MISI -> Press Enter
  • Write, Operation succeeded
  • Safely remove the data card. Re-insert the card and reboot the laptop.

Very important – you should not run the config tool for more than two times.

Evenif you change your laptop or re-install the OS, you need not install / use the configuration tool but only the modem software.

3. Verification/Modem configuration.

  • Display ‘Found New Hardware’ ->continue ->Repeat
  • Confirm whether the Modem is correctly installed in the device
  • Select Modem speed 115200 -> Go to Diagnostics -> Query Modem -> OK

4. Connecting to internet.

Double click on the Hawaii Mobile Connect icon that is on your desktop. In settings, enter your phone number (need not enter first zero) and the password. Click connect button to connect to the internet.

5. Making & receiving calls, sending & receiving SMS, using phone book and checking call log.

Double click on the Hawaii Mobile Connect icon that is on your desktop. Click on the Call / SMS / Contacts / Call Log buttons to perform the desired operation.

6. Interface Screenshot.


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