Finally, Aamir to attend an award function!

Posted on: August 11, 2008

Finally, Aamir to attend an award function!

Finally, Aamir to attend an award function!

Aamir Khan is one who chooses his non-movie outings as carefully as he does his Bollywood appearances. In Delhi for the opening of “Treasure Trove”, Maneka Gandhi’s fundraiser for her NGO, People For Animals, Khan talked a little about animal rights, less about the hand-painted antique tiles that Gandhi had sourced, and much about movies.

He admitted that “I am not so well educated about the arts as I would like to be, though I own some art pieces” and that although “I love animals I am not a staunch animal-rights activist nor am I a vegetarian”. Here Gandhi zealously pitched in. “Soon you’ll be! When you eat a kilo of meat, you effectively eat 11 kilos of plants, thereby destroying more life than a vegetarian does,” she exclaimed, as he looked on bemused. To make amends, he talked about Kubla, his pet cat that his wife Kiran had rescued from the bonnet of a car.

But there is one thing Khan knows better than Gandhi — how to turn films into hits. Was it true that he conducts surveys before embarking on a project? “Yes,” he said, “I show the first cut of my films to people completely disconnected to cinema and observe their response. These test screenings help me make suitable changes to my films.” Taare Zameen Par, for instance, got a disastrous response from this “private audience”, and then he made alterations according to their comments.

Meanwhile, the fussy-about-dos Khan has finally decided to attend an award ceremony other than the Oscars. He will receive the Golapuri Award for Best Director at a function in Chennai on August 12. “It is conferred on a debut director by the Golapuri family in memory of their son who died on the sets of his film. They hold a ceremony every year on his death anniversary. I am honoured that they have considered me suitable for this kind gesture,” he said.


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