How to choose a stylist

Posted on: August 12, 2008

A professional cut is the basis of any style. Expert stylists evaluate your hair and lifestyle before they pick up a pair of scissors. The best way to choose a salon is by personal recommendation. Remember that the exterior can be deceptive, so have a look at the interior as well. The salon should be clean and welcoming, with a style and ambiance that appeals to you, and sales material that is new and fresh. The stylists should also reflect an image that you like.

The first visit: Once you have chosen a salon, make an appointment for a consultation. Wear clothes that reflect your lifestyle. Discuss your hair’s idiosyncrasies and explain what you like and dislike about it. Spare a few minutes to discuss how you are going to manage the style between salon visits. If you want place with the flick of a comb, say so. If you are prepared to spend 15 minutes a day scrunching a perm to perfection, then speak up. Hairdressers are not mind-readers; neither can they wave a magic wand. However they can, with technical expertise, make the most of any type of hair. Listen to what they offer, but never be coerced into something with which you don’t feel happy about. Good hairdressers translate fashion trends into what is right for you. Yet you must be realistic: if your hair is thick and curly it will never hang in a straight, shiny bob, no matter how good the cut.

Taking notes: While you are having your hair done, watch how your stylist does your hair, how mousse or gel is applied and how they dry your hair. A good haircut should need the minimum of styling products and drying to achieve the desired result. Ask for advice on how to achieve the same look at home. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, then complain. Ask to see the salon manager, explain the problem, and ask what they are prepared to do about it. You should expect an apology, but don’t expect to be offered a refund. If you suffer serious damage, for example, an itchy, burning scalp, blisters, cuts, hair breakage or hair loss, then immediately seek advice from your family doctor or a trichologist. However, remember that hair grows, blisters heal and memories fade. So, act quickly and if necessary, make certain you have some photographs taken to reinforce your claim.

— The writer is a hair expert and runs Peaches Salon and Spa in Bengaluru


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