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As most of you know, there are two options to choose before you purchase the device. One is ”On-Rental” and the another is “On-Purchase”. To know more about the price difference, see this page.

If you choose “On-Rental”, then you will pay little extra every month and if you opt to purchase the device at the beginning, i.e “On-Purchase”, then you will pay low bill every month.

So which plan is best for you? If you are big on pocket, you will go for “On-Purchase”, if not you will go for “On-Rental”. But there is something that you will have to keep in mind. On-Purchase will give you the limited warranty, but whereas On-Rental will give you unlimited warranty. So what’s the advantage?

I’ll explain you in brief. Think; if you bought the device at beginning for 3,500 Rs, the device is all yours and you will pay no extra cost every month expect the regular fee. You will get warranty for a year or two. And if something goes wrong and your device is not functioning after the warranty period, then you will have to pay for repair charges, if the device cannot be repaired, you will have to dig up your pocket and purchase the device once again!

But whereas if you choose to go for “On-Rental”, you will pay little extra, and the advantage is, you will get the device repaired of replaced if something goes wrong whenever or for repeated number of time with no cost!

If you are thinking how I came to know about this, then I have the answer for you.

Recently, my device was not able to connect to the internet, after few days I took the device to the exchange and reported the problem. They asked me for my number, after giving my number, they checked online for the type of option that I have chosen. Hopefully, I’m “On-Rental”, and they said since your device is on rental, we will fix the problem and will give the device tomorrow. And I went to exchange on the next day, I got my device repaired for no charges.

I just asked them about what if I got this device for “On-Purchase” and they said it will repaired for free only when its under warranty!

I also read a post from some member in the forum (don’t remember the name), which says about similar consequence. But I experienced it.

So the verdict is, pay little extra every month and choose “On-Rental”, instead of buying the device at once and making your pocket cry when it goes boom!

BSNL EVDO now available in Hyderabad


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